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Thanks to all of you for responding me.I see from the Lawrie´s answer that it is not posible, but just in case, here I try to... General Discussion Re: Vertical line in ... 2008-11-06 11:04 am
Hello,Is there any way to avoid the vertical line in between staves when preview or printing. I mean, I would like to have on... General Discussion Vertical line in betw... 2008-11-04 08:21 am
Thats´s what I wanted Thanks Rick Eduardo General Discussion Re: Slur - layering -... 2007-10-03 03:14 am
Hi ,How to get the slur appear correctly when layer one staff with the next one? I mean, I have a staff with all notes stem u... General Discussion Slur - layering - ste... 2007-10-02 05:22 pm
John,Thank you very much with your suggestion and offer. I have never used BIAB, so I guess it may ake time to learn it, and ... General Discussion Re: More about harmon... 2007-09-27 04:48 pm
I know a little the programs you mention for harmonizing a melody, but as far as I know, no one of them would allow me to wor... General Discussion Re: More about harmon... 2007-09-25 03:47 am
Hello,Knowing Noteworthy is a music composition and edition software tool I am wondering if there is anyway to add some harmo... General Discussion More about harmonizing 2007-09-24 05:14 pm
I see the answer from Rick G. is helpful enough. Many thanks. Eduardo (Spain) General Discussion Re: Harmonizing in th... 2007-09-24 02:20 pm
Hi all, I am quite new to Noteworthy, and trying to find out a topic: "harmonizing in thirds"It should be here https://forum.... General Discussion Harmonizing in threads 2007-09-24 09:46 am

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