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More about harmonizing


Knowing Noteworthy is a music composition and edition software tool I am wondering if there is anyway to add some harmonizing tool.
I have seen some tool (scripts) to make chords from notes, and harmonize in thirds, but not a more sophisticated one. I am not a profesional
musician, just a singer and guitar / organ player, so I can not help so much here, but I would like to help with some sugestions, funds if posible,
and doing some test as well.

Just an idea.

If the tool already exist, I do apologize missing it, and also would appreciate to know where it is.


Re: More about harmonizing

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G'day Eduardo,
first, let me thank you for checking out "MakeChord...".

However, as you will have noticed, it still requires that you decide what chord intervals you want.

As for an automatic harmony, the only product I'm aware of that I think will do this is "Band In A Box".  However, I've never used it so I'm not certain.

I am unaware of any kind of tool to actually do this in NWC, nor do I recall seeing such a thing in any other product I've looked at.  Not to say one of them didn't, I just didn't see it...

Sorry I can't be more help.
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Re: More about harmonizing

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IIRC, Harmony Assistant will harmonize melodies as well.  I forget the address, search on Myriad Software Harmony Assistant.

Re: More about harmonizing

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I know a little the programs you mention for harmonizing a melody, but as far as I know,
 no one of them would allow me to work with the NWC files, that is what I want.

I would like to start from a single melody and to get some series of chords that can make the accompaniment
of such melody, and at the end, to be able to print out the partiture / score for my other people and instruments.


Re: More about harmonizing

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Perhaps you could export to MIDI from one of them and import that to NWC as a starting point...
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Re: More about harmonizing

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Band-in-a-Box 2007 will let you create a chord progression from a melody line (it's a new feature called Reharmonist).  Just export from NWC to MIDI and import the MIDI into BIAB.  You may not like the results, but you can regenerate it as many times as you like and it will vary each time.  Then, when you get close, you can manually replace chords you're not happy with.  Then, once you have a chord progression, it will create harmonies in a slew of different styles (corresponding to the song's chord progression).  Then, once you're happy with the results, you can export back to MIDI from BIAB and re-import the MIDI into NWC.  From there you can edit the whole score (including other accompaniment parts, if you so desire) to your heart's content.  I do this all the time and find both programs work very nicely together.

Re: More about harmonizing

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In sum, NWC does not have native ability to generate chordal harmonies to a melody and likely never will, as this is not its primary purpose and there are other applications mentioned that already do it well.  NWC has and should continue to play to its strengths.

Re: More about harmonizing

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G'day John,
I've just looked at PGMusic's web site and, well, are you using BIAB version 2007.5?

If you are I was wondering if you had tried the "Audio to Chords" feature?

Does it work?  Is it any good?  Can you see me drooling?  :)

I've always felt that getting notation from a wav/mp3 etc. would be too much like unscrambling an egg, but if this works tolerably well then it might be worth buying for that feature alone.  Not to mention the other features of BIAB.

<edit> I note that PGMusic's Power Tracks also now has this "Audio to Chords" feature and it's a lot cheaper...  Hmmm...  NWC for editing etc., Power Tracks for extracting Chord info to a MIDI first...  And if I really want serious MIDI sequencing...  Trouble is the demo is the previous version and I don't think it includes the Chord reader thingy...  One thing, their music editing interface is very oridinary - gimme NWC's UI everytime!!!
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Re: More about harmonizing

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I do have BIAB 2007.5 (actually, I've had every version since version 8 and have participated as a beta tester on every version since version 11).

I have tried the "audio to chords" feature and it does work.  It's actually a home-grown feature by one of PGMusic's developers (not a plugin that they bought from someone else).  It's still a work in progress in that there's a lot they can do with it, but I've had success (as have others).  It's not perfect and it may not give you everything you need, but it does definitely give you a good starting point to tweak it using your ears.

The ACW feature lets you load a wav or mp3 file.  Then it analyzes the file, and based on the options you set, will generate a chord progression.  Once it's done that, you can go through and (without too much difficulty) make sure the bars are aligned properly on beat one (it guesses, but doesn't always get it right, so you can override the guess).  Once you reset the bars, it will recalculate the chords based on those settings.

Currently, you only get up to two chords per bar.  It also is very good at figuring out the bass note, so even if it gets the chord wrong, you'll have the bass note for the chord.  What it doesn't do is figure out the melody line (the technology isn't there yet).  A lot of it depends upon your source material.  Most pop/rock songs work very nicely; if you've got some off-the-wall jazz source, it isn't going to do as well.

In the end, you'll still have to use your ears, but it's a lot easier to start with most of the chords interpreted correctly and just tweaking the ones that sound crunchy.

If you're interested, remember they offer a 30-day, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.  And they have a wonderful support forum, as well.

Anyway, since this is straying way-off NWC topic, feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to discuss it further with you.  I could even provide some examples, but it would take a few days to pull that together (I'm getting ready for a gig this weekend, so all my free time is currently devoted to that).

Let me know.

Re: More about harmonizing

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Thank you very much with your suggestion and offer. I have never used BIAB, so I guess it may ake time to learn it, and be able to use it efficently.
I am going to think about it and let you know about my ideas. In principle, I think I could continue learning harmony as I have been doing til now.
Each new peace of software you wan to use, takes time.

Even more, I am still learning Noteworthy and I got it by the end of June.


Re: More about harmonizing

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Hey Eduardo,
Harmony assistant does allow you to import NWC files. I am not sure how the harmony thing works because I found the program inherently difficult to use and lost interest quickly. I have imported both NWC and midi files made on my keyboard. The nice feature I found is that the program plays back the same sounds as are put in. In other words, the sounds are not changed from your midi when imported as they are in NWC. Why I couldn't say. I'm sure that someone else out there has a better understanding about that issue.

Re: More about harmonizing

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There's a dandy little program called Abcmus that reads and writes abc notation. It has a very nice automatic chord setting utility, and can export in MIDI, which means NWC can import the results. You do have to know abc music notation, though (not hard to learn). You can find it at; there's a good discussion of abc there, too.