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Yamaha YPG-625 itree

I have finally completed the Yamaha YPG-625 itree. With this tree, not only can I create or playback any NWC2 file using my Yamaha, but I can now control the tones with rich quality. Using the manual's voice list, I found out that using MSB and LSB patches can let me hear MIDI playback using those nice advanced tones and not the basic GM tones which are scattered all over the XGlite list. I can even save a file (when my MIDI device is chosen) and it automatically plays back tone tones on my keyboard, just with that file. Other NWC files use the computer's synth. That's awesome in my opinion. There are only two problems. I know it's not related to NWC, but when I play MIDI files outside of the program, it uses the low quality basic GM tones. Is there a way that I can control them while not using NWC2..we all know they get messed up when you import them in to the program. I want to know if there's a free MIDI management program where I can edit the instrument patches. I have SynthFont, but it won't let me do that. The other problem is explained in the itree.

I hope you enjoy this itree.

Re: Yamaha YPG-625 itree

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You might try MF2T. Some details at:
Export a short midi from NWC with the instruments you want to use. Put the program changes in the MIDI file you want to enhance. MidiOX may lt you do this on the fly, but I think it is a rather obtrusive installation.
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