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Missing font - nwc2stda.ttf

I've restored the program from backup and now it starts with the error message about missing font nwc2stda.ttf. What is strange - the font is there in the right directory, in fact it's in Windows, NWC2 and NWC2 Viewer.

Why do I have the error message?

Re: Missing font - nwc2stda.ttf

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G'day Alexander,
you didn't mention Windows\fonts - The font really should be installed to this directory.

If it is in fact there, then you probably have too many fonts installed - delete some you're sure you don't use/need.

If you do need to install it, you can usually just copy the font to the fonts folder and Windows will do the install.  If not then you can do the install from the Fonts applet in control Panel.

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Re: Missing font - nwc2stda.ttf

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I am missing this font also. It is not in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory. The only NWC font, which I see is NWCV15.
Any ideas as to where I could find the missing font file?

Thanks, Ian

Re: Missing font - nwc2stda.ttf

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Sometimes, this font doesn't install properly into the fonts folder. This depends on all sorts of things - none the least of which is the number of fonts already installed and also what windows version you are using.

However, you should find the font in the folder for NoteWorthy Composer 2 that is in the programs directory in c:\windows.
You will be able to install the font manually into the fonts directory

Re: Missing font - nwc2stda.ttf

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If you have the complete NWC2 version installed, you can also do a full repair of the installation by re-running the NWC2 setup found in the Setups sub-folder in the NWC2 program files. It is a good idea to perform a system reboot after doing this when repairing a font problem.