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Printing Question
I just recieved NoteWorthy Composer 1.75 as a gift. I have (by trial and error and reading the site) been able to figure out the answer to most of my questions. However, I still cannot seem to conquer the ability to print 'sheet music' with the 'wrap around' effect. When I try to print the Title, Author, and the music is all there as would be expected, but once the music gets to the edge of the paper it continues to 'run on' as opposed to automatically dropping to the next 'line'.

Please advise (unless I have throughly confused everyone by my explanations).

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Look in Print Preview.  The staffs will wrap when printing or when viewing in Print Preview.  They won't wrap when in the Edit Window, which is where you're doing all your work.

Another, less likely, possibility is that your printer or page setups are wrong.  Check the paper size and orientation.

Re: Printing Question
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Yes, I'm a bit confused by the original question.... but I think D.P. made the correct suggestions.

First, be sure that your computer does have at least one (default) printer set up, or Print Preview will not produce the desired results. If you are doing your work on one computer but printing from another computer, then the printer drivers may be different. Lines "wrap" according to margins set by the printer driver, and nominally identical margins may produce different results from different printer drivers.

If you want to see how the margins work with a printer that is not connected to your computer, you probably can still install the printer driver and select it.

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Still nothing.........

I have checked the Print Preview, but to no avail. I have a default printer set up. My margins are set at NoteWorthy defaults (which are very compatible with my printer) 0.5" on every side. I am writing and printing from the same computer. Any more suggestions??

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Your printer must be set up incorrectly. Wrong page size or something.Try getting pdf995 (free online) and nominate that as the printer in the print dialogue and then check Print preview.It will look correct and if you then make a pdf it should also look correct, which will prove your normal printer is incorrectly set up.

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Aaron, a whole bunch of questions and suggestions for you:

1/  What operating system do you use?

2/  What type of printer are you using?

3/  What are the printer settings? (including page size and orientation)

4/  What are your margins set at?  (this is in File/Page setup)

5/  What are the characteristics of the music you're trying to print? - how many staffs, how many bars?

6/  Seems silly to ask, you do have bar lines, don't you?  Without them, you just have one long bar, and that won't wrap.

7/  What are the vertical heights of your staffs?  You can check this by pressing F2 when you're on each staff.  If either upper or lower is more than 20 or so, this may be part of the problem.

8/ When you're in NWC 1.75, press Help, About.  Are you running NWC 1.75b, or an earlier version?

9/  Did you install the program from the CD?

10/  Try some forced system breaks.  Go to the bar lines after bars 3, 7 and 12, highlight them and set the properties of each to force a break.  Actually, go to any bars, but these will give you 3 different length systems.  Forced system breaks will only work on the top visible staff on the screen.

11/  Do you have any layered staffs, perhaps with missing bar lines?  Turn off layering (View/Allow layering) and see if that reveals anything.

12/  Open one of the sample song files that I think would have come with your CD.  See if you have the same printing problem with them.  If not, the problem is with your song, not the program.

13/  If none of this resolves your problem, let me know via this Forum, and I'll invite you to send me your song file, and I might be able to see what's wrong.

Re: Printing Question
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David, thanks!

I'll not reveal where you got me, but I'll just say that the problem is now solved, Thanks. Sometimes the simplest things create the greatest problems! The interesting thing is that solving problem #1 also solved problem #2 (which I had not yet addressed).

Thanks again!

Re: Printing Question
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number 6?

Re: Printing Question
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You're welcome, Aaron, but I'm intrigued.  Was it #6?

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I should mention that whenever you have a technical problem it's a good idea to give all the tombstone data such as operating system, etc.  Someone else with the same setup may have encountered and solved the same issue.

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Let me preface this post with this statement, I am not a songwriter. However, I am playing like I am.

That being said, I must confess, #6 got me!


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Don't blush.  In trying to see if I could cause the problem, I happened on #6 by accident.  It seemed too obvious to write down, but I've found over the years that it's usually the basics that cause the problems.

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Your Number 1 to vote for in the Forum Hero of the Year Competition (to be defined): David!

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I betcha the prize, together with a couple of dollars, will get me a cup of coffee, eh?

Just found a wonderful couple of pages on bookbinding - check my message on the taping pages together message.  Fascinating stuff to read.

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I just did - fascinating indeed!

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Gosh... I would never forget bars in my music, because I play music in bars.