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Double sforzando
Okay, I just found out how to insert a sforzando, so it ends up looking like "sfz".  But how do I insert one (that I DID find in music) that has TWO f's?  "sffz", in other words.  I have no idea what it's called, but I'd like to know how to enter it.


Re: Double sforzando
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What is sfzorando anyway?

Re: Double sforzando
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sforzando, sfz (sfor-TSAHN-doh): A strong accent on a note which is played with sudden emphasis. ("with force")

(see Joseph Haydn's Surprise Symphony for example)

sfz = suddenly loud

sffz = suddenly very loud (extreme articulation)

Re: Double sforzando
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Okay, so how do you enter one?

Re: Double sforzando
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A crude way without having the character in a font is to put in by text using Times Roman Italic using a size to match.

You can find the ƒ on alt 0131. sƒƒz {Hold down the alt key while typing the numbers}

I have a font with it already done if you want to email me:


Re: Double sforzando
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You don't need the ƒ (on alt 0131) - regular f works just fine when using Times New Roman bold italic.
[Before the forum switched fonts a few months ago, this would look exactly like what you need: sffz]

Re: Double sforzando
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Correct. It's certainly better.
We live and learn. Thanks.

Re: Double sforzando
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Or, just for the hell of it, use the old Dutch guilder sign (F for florin)
Alt-159. --> sƒƒz