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1.5 playback problems after printing

After printing several pages of a score I continued working in NWC. When I used the playback, however, many notes were either missing or distorted. The problem only got worse as I tried playbacks from several different files. Eventually the program froze and I had to do a warm boot to exit. Once Windows 95 and NWC were loaded again everything was fine. Is there a problem with using NWC 1.5 after printing that anyone else has experienced?


Re: 1.5 playback problems after printing

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We do not have specific knowledge of a Windows 95 problem in this area (other users have reported printing issues on Windows NT, when more than one print job is done in quick succession). Are you using the 32-bit edition? Does it happen every time you print (ie. can it be reproduced)? Do you have any other print drivers installed? If so, if you try printing to them (if you do not actually have another printer, you can set it up to print to a file), does the problem occur?

Any other details that might help to diagnose the problem would be helpful.