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NWC 1.5 difficulties

I use Noteworthy since versions 1.30 and do so under win3.11,
on a laptop with a small hard drive, and win3.11 and 95 on
my home system, out of preference.
When I used 1.5 recently under win3.11, I consistently
recieved general fault protection in the upper 4 megs of
memory, particularly when using the enhanced zoom from 1.31.
I have reisntalled 3.11, thinking I might have corrupted a
piece of its sytem, but the problem persists, and only when
run under 3.11, not 95.

has anyone else noted this?

Re: NWC 1.5 difficulties

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I am not clear what "the enhanced zoom from 1.31" refers to in your message. Could you explain this?

If you consistently get a GPF when zooming in or out in Win 3.1, it is possible that you have a display driver that is misbehaving. You might want to try switching to the stock VGA driver (assuming that you are not using this at the moment), and see if that helps.

If it persists, it would also help if you included the address of the GPF that is displayed by Windows. This might help to identify the problem as well.

Re: NWC 1.5 difficulties

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By enhanced zoom, I mean that the Zoom feature is capable
of zooming Outward in 1.5 further than in 1.31. The zoom
allows a lower pixel number than 4.

I tried using the generic SVGA windows driver and VGA and
continued to encouter the failure.

I've had a memory upgrade recently, and pulled it out,
fearing the RAM was bad, but studying the GPF address
numbers showed it to be in the upper 4 megs of whichever
memory configuration I used. I even cut the virtual memory.
(who knows, its windows. . )

Re: NWC 1.5 difficulties

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The 2 pixel zoom was removed in 1,50a. Version 1.50a does NOT allow zooming out below a 4 pixel staff width. If the 2 pixel staff width was causing your problem, it will not cause it in 1.50a, as this zoom level is not possible (we took it out for problems, perhaps related to problems that you are having).

Re: NWC 1.5 difficulties

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On a version I just downloaded from the main page, the zoom -is-
capable of 2 pixel, and still yeilds memory failures.
Is the version on the main page 1.50? or 1.50a?


Re: NWC 1.5 difficulties

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You can determine which version you have by selecting Help About in the program.