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Sound Card recomendations 2004

Doinf a search it seems a long time since this question was asked - so I am going to ask it again...

I am about to build  a new computer to be used mainly for film editing, audio processing and creation of music using NW (and perhaps other midi tools). (NOT for games !!!).
I am looking for a soundcard with good realistic sounding
music to be used for creating fim music sound tracks.

The quesion is which soundcard should I go for ?
By default I would go for Creative since that is what is being offered by the firm building the computer
- Audigy Platiunum
- Audigy Platiunum EX
- Audigy 2
- Audigy 2 platinum

Looking at the creative site I cant see any relevent
differences - and NO mention of midi or sound founts as all

So the questions
1) Are any of the above a good choice for the money ?
2) Should I look harder for somthing better ?

Many Thanks for your help

and a Good Year to you all

Re: Sound Card recomendations 2004

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Hi. If you only want the soundcard for midi and soundfonts, with and old sblive is enough. The audigy improves the audio thing, 24bit, 96khz, etc, but the midi is the same that the sblive, that is cheaper and works pretty well.

Re: Sound Card recomendations 2004

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I also do audioediting - cleaning up sound tracks, noise
removal, reverb etc- I'm not sure if this is done using
sound card or  the CPU

Re: Sound Card recomendations 2004

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Thanks fro your replies...

Re: Sound Card recomendations 2004

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I'm surprised at the dearth of opinion in response to Yonatan's query!  This is a topic that used to draw copious replies from the many users of the different soundcards.  As I also am considering an upgrade to my current PC I was looking forward to some really good advice as to which cards to consider and which to avoid, and whether or not the products that Yonatan mentioned would even work with NWC! Are there no other comments?