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playing individual tracks
Will noteWorthy player allow me to play one track (i.e., one part) of a file with multiple tracks?

Re: playing individual tracks
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The keyboard shortcut for playing all staffs is F5.  If you want only a single staff to play, select it with the mouse or by moving to it with the Page Up or Page Down keys and press Shift-F5.

Re: playing individual tracks
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Milton's reply is applicable only to NoteWorthy Composer, not to NoteWorthy Player.

AFAIK, the Player does not directly support individual staff playback. You could, however, accomplish this using an external midi filtering utility such as Hubi's Midi Cable.

Re: playing individual tracks
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Sadly, too true, the NW player cannot play individual tracks.  Perhaps Marty O should download the free demo of NW Composer, which will play individual tracks, with purchase of the registered version only a trifling amount!

Re: playing individual tracks
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The Player does not really contain any user controls, other than play and stop. If you want more control while playing back an NWC file, consider upgrading to NoteWorthy Composer, which has this ability. If you are working with MIDI files, and want more control over play back, sequencer software is your best solution.

Re: playing individual tracks
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I use NWC to create rehearsal files for choral music. I create the S A T and B parts on 4 staves. I then set the StaffProperties/Midi/StereoPan on the Soprano Staff to 127, and all others to 0. Then Save-As, adding an "S" to the file name. Then change Pan for the top staff back to 0, next staff to 127, Save As, changing the "S" to an "A", etc. Then, using the Player, the user can, by playing the appropriate file, click on the speaker icon and adjust the balance to emphasize the wanted part.