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Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

I'm contemplating buying a Yamaha Clavinova, but after looking at their site I'm not sure how feasible it is to create music on the Clavinova and then download to my pc where I can burn onto a CD and play in my car.

Do any of you have any recommended processes, additional equipment and/or software that would allow me to do this relatively easily?

Any suggestion much appreciated.

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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If you only want to be able to capture the actual audio of your Clavinova, the best way would be to use its audio line out into your PC. You can then use your preferred digital audio software capture software to record the output, and then a CD burner to burn it to CD.

We have a Clavinova here that includes a diskette drive. This also enables simply capturing a performance as a MIDI file, which then can be transferred to the PC. If you can go this route, you have more choices for creating a CD with the MIDI files. See other topics discussing Midi to Wave files for details.

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Thanks Noteworthy.  What digital audio software do you recommend?

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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P.S.  I'd like to be able to be able to create sheet music for whatever I record (and print it out), as well as having the option for dealing with MIDI to wav conversion.

I'm also somewhat naive about MIDI -- can you also recommend a good source of information that discusses "MIDI for Dummies"?

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Regarding "MIDI for dummies":

A few years ago, I obtained a book like that (different title, same concept) at a music store. By "music store" I mean a place that sells piano keyboards, guitars, etc. The book was written for people who could play an instrument, but who were not familiar with electronic music. It cost maybe $10, and was about the size of a very thick magazine.

No doubt there are comparable resources on-line, but they might be written from those who are already familiar with electronic music.


Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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MIDI tutorials at Jeff Glatt's "MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center".

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Ah, if Fred hadn't come in with such good advice, I would have wondered what happened!

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OK...  the following software packages have been recommended to me -- what do you all think about them?  Worth the cost?  Is there any source out there that does a side by side comparison?


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This is probably not the forum to be discussing other products but since you asked...

You don't say what your music needs are - but:-

If you want to produce MIDI files then a *sequencer* is what you need.
If you want to produce scores and parts for performance you need a *notator*.

Cakewalk is a very good sequencer if MIDI files are your aim - but MIDI files can be produced with NoteWorthy Composer for much less original outlay.
If you intend to combine MIDI and audio then you will have to go with Cakewalk, Cubase or some other sequencer.

Finale and Sibelius are excellent notation processors but unless you aim to publish your work the cost may be prohibitive - Sibelius costs $1300AUS here in OZ.

If you intend to produce scores and parts for choirs, quartets or piano NoteWorthy Composer may be all you need.
There are other products less than $60US that may be more suitable for pop and dance use.

One thing you will not get with other products is the excellent service and advice that NoteWorthy Software and the users of this forum provide.

In the end it comes down to what you want to do with the software.

Barry Graham
Top Brass Events Band
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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On re-reading through this thread I see that you only need a program that will produce MIDI files to record to CD and possibly print out your creations.

I don't think you need the expensive programs you listed to achieve that end.

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Hi -

I have a Yamaha keyboard and was on their site the other day ( ) and they have suggestions about cables, programs, and software to use with their products in order to get midis in and out, as well as onto CDs.

Hope this helps,


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Hi, again -

Forgot to mention I found the above information regarding cables and software for midis on their 'Accessories' page.
I also think I took a 'tour' or something and ran across material about getting music in and out of one's computer.


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hi, i've been looking at every cite that could explain on how to put music on a cd from a diskette and i have found nothing. so i was wondering if you could explain it to me a little clearer becuase i understood some of what the other people said but i'm still a litte confused. so here are my questions. are Clavinovas the same as Roland pianos and if i were to record music that i made onto a diskette, how do i put it on a cd? i want to be able to play the cd anywhere(radio,car, etc.)

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I'm not sure if this answers your question completely, but if your soundcard came with software such as Creative's Wave Studio, you just set that program to "record new wav file" before playing the midi song back on your computer.

CWS will capture all the music directly from the soundcard as a .wav file and you can save it, then copy it to CD using your CD burning program.

I guess you'd originally record to a floppy disk on the midi keyboard, then copy from the floppy disk to your hard drive on the computer, then play it back using Windows Mediaplayer or some similar application.  You could also open it in NWC and play it back from there.

You might have to fiddle a little bit with the Audio Properties of your computer to allow recording - Audio Properties can be accessed by rightclicking the little speaker icon in your systray at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Sorry I didn't comment on "Clavinovas" versus "Roland" but I think those are just different brand names for midi keyboards.

Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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I've wanted to get CLAVINOVA QUALITY music to CD's for the past 6 years and always failed. Midi quality is really crappy when played from the diskette on my computer and when I use line out,.. I get loads and loads of inteference.

I have the way to do it. I write this now because I searched for a way for 6 years before finally finding a solution so I feel compelled to do my bit. P.s. I was given this advice by someone thru email who works in yamaha.

1)Get a GOOD SOUND CARD. Its terribly important. I got the SoundBlaster Live 24-Bit. That I can guarantee, is good enough. Cost me $58 (Singapore Dollars).

2)Install it and the software that comes with it. I think its wave studio.

3)Make adjustments until you get ideal volumes for recording (clavinova about midway to 3/4 full) p.c microphone usually about full. Each song is different, having different volumes, depending on instruments used.

4)Record the wav file.


5)If you wanna fine tune,.. you realise the volume of your wave is very low,(a small wave graph with low amplitude) if you are preserving the quality of the music. If you record at too high a volume then you get distortion. there is a way around this.

when recording,.. and experimenting for ideal volume,.. choose a level where the loudest part never goes into the red bar in the program.. basically as loud as it can get without distortion. when done,.. click on NORMALIZE,.. and this will maximise the whole waveform to ideal levels so if you have many songs,.. the volume will be about the same.


Re: Converting Clavinova recording to music CD

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Oh by the way you must connect the auxilliary output of the cvp to the line in of the soundcard.

DO NOT USE the headphone jack on the CVP.

You can get the wires to do this, usually u may need a combination of converters and wires.