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font size for notes

What is the equivalence in font sizes between NWC1.31 and 1.50? Specifically what is the old size 12 equal to in the new version?

Re: font size for notes

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Carl - I had the same problem at first - I assumed that the staff font definition was the same in both versions.
Eric explained that the staff font size now refers to the spacing between the staff lines.
To produce a similar appearance as the v1.3 12 point I now must use 18-20 point. This produces about 10-12 staves per page.
Ask Eric what the new definition is his explanation would be better than mine.

Re: font size for notes

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In version 1.31, the point size specified in Page Setup defined the size, in points, for the italic text that appeared in the staff. All other elements, including the notation, staff width, bold text, and lyric text were size adjusted based on this value. In version 1.50, you control your own sizes for all text used on the staff (as well as typeface, etc.). The new Staff Size option in Page Setup allows you to specify the distance, in points, that extends from the E line to the F line in a treble clef staff (minus all ledger lines).