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Deteriorating performance

I got NWC 1.70 and upgraded to 1.75 last November.  In recent months things seem to be eroding.  For example, it used to be the case, when I used the Insert function, that there would be two tabs, one for "Clef" or "Bar" or whatever, the other for "Visibility."  Now I don't get the "Visibility" tab at all.  Of course, I can get it with Alt-Enter, but that is an added operation that I didn't have to do before.  Then the hairpins in the "Crescendo" font:  yesterday trying to use the "d" or "D" hairpin froze up the entire computer.  I tried it in MS Word and found that it was not a problem outside of NWC, so I just reinstalled the font and that cured it; but why did it happen?  And now there is another problem:  the hairpins always looked zigzaggy in a straight NWC file, but in Print Preview they evened out and looked like normal cres.-decres. symbols.  Now they look zigzaggy in Print Preview too.  I would reinstall NWC, but since all I have is the 1.70 disc, I don't want to do that.  Any suggestions about why these things are happening and how to fix it?



Re: Deteriorating performance

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Well, it seems you have three separate issues here:

1) In Tools|Options, there's a checkbox for "Smart Properties Insert." Turn this off, and behaviour of the tabs should again be as expected.

2) The Crescendo font is indeed flaky. Some apps handle it alright, others bomb on it. doesn't like it, MS_Office does alright with it. (I even had it cause trouble under Linux, after importing my full set of Windows fonts!)

I've been installing it on an as-needed basis, then uninstalling it again once my current project is done.

3) Jaggies are normal in the editor, since the (fixed) screen resolution is much lower than printer resolution, and there's no anti-aliasing in the editor window. But it's not clear why you'd be getting jaggies in Print Preview -- at least not under maximum magnification. (At lower magnifications, again, you're looking at it with a much lower resolution, so jaggies will be "normal.")

To summarize, I don't think there's much, if anything, wrong with your install of NWC1.75. Have you installed the most recent web update? If not, that would be recommended; it has the exact same effect as a complete re-install (since the whole executable is replaced), except that it keeps your user settings.

Re: Deteriorating performance

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Thanks, Fred.  I think this answers my questions.  I will look for the update when I have time.  I am still running into problems with my special requirements for copying NWC files into Open Office.  With normal NWC files, it's really wonderful (compared with the misery of trying to do this in MS Word especially), but unfortunately I have some pretty weird requirements in respect of lyric text.  I'll post another message about this, however, as it's really a different topic.