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NWC font space

Regarding a blank space in the NWC15 font:

I've just noticed there isn't one. It's hard to position cautionary accidentals and so on without a space; I've wound up using the "extra note spacing feature instead.
I could also use Bach or some other music font, but they don't match NWC exactly.

Anyone found a workaround?

Re: NWC font space

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Yep. Instead of using the NWCV15 font to place "text" music, use a font specifically designed for that purpose. Some of them I created myself. Browse the Internet for "MusiSync font" and that might work for you.

Re: NWC font space

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.. and on the same page as MusiSync is FretQuik, which you might find useful.

Re: NWC font space

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Thanks for the suggestion; I do use Bach, Musisync, and one I did myself for some things, but sometimes I want the visual look of an exact match with the system font - and, of course, when sharing files you can be sure that anyone who has the program has at least the NWC font.


Re: NWC font space

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I can see the need for not using an extra font, if you are sending NWC files. For myself, I only need to send someone a PDF document, so I can embed fonts.

But your original question seems appropriate. NWCV15 happens to be using the "space" character for something oher than a blank space. But there are many other code locations (in particular, .0160, where the nbsp is found) where a space could be added. It would probably be best to have a low-width space, for maximum tweakability.

Alas, NWCV15 follows the bad habit of using a box to represent undefined characters. My own fonts simply use a space. The only reason for putting a box would be in critical text documents where the reader needs to know that something was supposed to be there, but is invisible.