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In the samplefile Drumref.nwc there are multiple examples of drum sounds. Meanwhile I can't find any "Instrument Patch Command" before each of the notes who really are playing different drum-sounds. I want to make use of one of the sound-examples in the sample, so I hope someone can help me.
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Steffen Appelquist

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It has to do with the midi channel.  I believe that channel 10 is the 'drum sounds' channel, and each 'pitch' corresponds to a different sound.

Hope that helps!



Re: Drumref

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You only need to be sure that your drum track staff is set to channel 10, and then the notes on the staff will produce the drum sounds, according to the "map" given by drumref.nwc.

Changing to different instrument patches will change to different drum kits on some sound cards. You will have to consult your particular card or synth's owner's manual to find out which instrument patch is used for which kit (jazz, electro, rock, etc.)

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Thank you.
I did not know all that about channel 10 and 'pitch'. In the help file there are not mentioned anything about it.
Stefen Appelquist