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Preparing scores for rehearsal

A frequent use of NoteWorthy Composer and/or NoteWorthy Player is for choir members who want to learn their voice (especially when they are bad readers).

With NoteWorthy Composer, it is already possible to:
  • enter one voice and listen to it alone;
  • enter all voices, listen to the whole, and try to sing one's own;
  • enter all voices, mute one voice and try to sing this one, or mute all voices but one, and so on...
But it is often painful to mute one voice, unmute it, etc. Moreover, it is not possible when the conductor prepared the score with NWC and the singers use it with NWP.

However, there exists a feature that is rarely used, thought it is very nice: use the stereo pan! For instance, if you are alto, or if you are the conductor preparing the alto file, you set stereo pan = maximum left for alto and stereo pan = maximum right for all other voices. This way, it is very easy, when playing, to choose between "more alto" and "less alto".

This also works when you register the result into a tape. However then, for singers who use a mono device, you can also choose a different instrument patch and/or a louder volume for the particular part.