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Accentuating Lyrics (Layering)

This tip has been discovered trying to find an answer to a on the forum.

You can make use of the Layering functionality in order to accentuate lyrics or for similar visual purposes.

See the attached file to discover what I mean


Re: Accentuating Lyrics (Layering)

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Sure it does! :-)
I wanted to suggest to use "standard rules" to center the '>', but in fact it's already done.
Within the browser plug-in though, it appears as if it was "start of accidental/note" ??

Anyway, if the word was "bles-sing", how could we place the > above the i?
(...) I just tested (with bla-mmmmmmming, just for testing purposes), and we can easily move the > to the right by preceding it with one or more non-breaking space(s) (Alt+0160).

To center the > above the i in bles-singly, add Alt+0160 AFTER the >  :)

Quickly said:
   to move the > the right, add Alt+0160 (one or more) before it;
   to move it to the left, add them after it.

Re: Accentuating Lyrics (Layering)

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Oh, and we can use the same thing to enter special characters too, such as the a with a "_" above it (for arabic into european character transcriptions, for example)