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Timbres of Instruments on the Percussion Bank (ch.10)

This is an out-dated issue for the lucky followers of the Newsgroup but it may be new and helpful for the ausländer;

To change the timbre of a percussion instrument (ie those assigned to independent pitches on midi channel #10), use the pitch-bend controller.

The attached file simulates the beats of the kudüm, a traditional Turkish/Eastern drumset, varying the tone colour for the two drums and two picks, using pitch-bends.

Watch out: when you apply a controller to a channel, all tracks on that channel will be effected so be careful or use multiple midi ports.

Re: Timbres of Instruments on the Percussion Bank (ch.10)

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Thanks Ertuðrul for this hint.
Alas, on some sound cards it doesn't change anything. I tested on a Compaq (ESS AudioDrive), and I obtained the same sound (I tested with various notes, unsuccesfully).
But ESS is most known as being a poor card, worse than an SB16...
However, one must know that (as with MIDI results in general) this may not sound the same on various sound cards.
But I'll try to use it if I can, since it gives much more possibilities! Thanks again :-)