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MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
I have a MIDI keyboard that I used with NWC under Windows 98 SE. The same one no longer works under XP. It does not show up in the "Input Devices" drop down under the record tab in Tools->Options, so I guess I need to activate something in Windows. I can't find anything in any of the sound control panels or anything.

I KNOW that everything is hooked up correctly and that the keyboard is fine, because liek I said, i used it under Windows 98. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I did under 98 to make it work either. Anybody know what to do?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Here are a few things to think about:

  • If you upgraded the existing computer to XP, then you need to install the correct driver for your external MIDI hardware, assuming that there are XP drivers for your existing hardware (this is not always the case).
  • If you bought a new computer, you might need to update the drivers. It is also possible that your new system does not natively support external MIDI functions (this is has been happening fairly often lately in the low cost PC area where the sound card and joystick port are integrated into a cheap motherboard).
  • It is also possible that you simply have the in/out cables reversed (this is a very common cause of problems).

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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In response to NWOnline's reply part 2, many new computers are indeed still produced with the relevant port labelled as a games port. The difficulty seems to be that Microsoft have produced a multimedia-enabled operating system but "forgot" to include the relevant support for something which is, in their terms, a legacy port (i.e. outdated!) Had they thought to check with anyone who uses MIDI, they would have discovered that it is still perfectly up to date and was streets ahead of most technology that they've produced in the last 15 years. Funnily enough, the most robust MIDI support under any operating system that Microsoft have ever produced was really under Windows 3.1, but that's another story.

The question remains for all of us NW users who have the relevant keyboards and cables: since we will all have no choice but to embrace Win XP or its successor at some point (I've only just given up Win 3.1!), can the NW team offer us some more detailed assistance in getting an XP machine to work with our keyboards?

What I am thinking of is simply - where do we find the drivers and how do we install them? XP says it comes with its own drivers: can we use these (like we used to use Midi mapper) and if so, how do we force it to install them, when MIDI is necessarily not a PnP device?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have read all your comments about MIDI keyboards with XP, and still have not a clue as to how to get it to work. Has anyone come up with a solution?
I have tried Microsoft online help , but it is useless.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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One possibility, if your MIDI input hardware is not of very recent manufacture: Its driver software may be incompatible with XP, even if it works with Windows 98. I have that problem. It's not the fault of the music notation software.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Help !! I also have the same problem, I cannot find any way to get windows xp to recognise my keyboard through the joystick port if any one can help please email gavin at

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Reply 7
I now have corresponded with HP/WindowsXP Casio and Finale software re. my unrecognized keyboard.  So far, the "problem"  lies within  one of the above mentioned sources..Except of course  the immediate party with whom I am speaking.  I am so disappoited.  I dohope there is an explanation

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Same problem. I have a Yamaha CS1x and Reason 2.0. I have connected the synth to the games port but midi is not received. Where do I get the updated drivers from?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Ran into the same issue - Under Win98 worked great, then following a recent XP install - no go.  However I did get it to work.  Here's my version of how I got it to work - hope it's of assistance. (An XP issue - not Noteworthy issue)
1) I confirmed that the On-board game port was enabled in the computer BIOS.  (If it's an add-on sound card ie Creative Labs, no need to confirm anything).
2) Under Control Panel of XP - went to "Add Hardware" (Note: I changed my view to Classic View - easier to navigate if your used to Win98)
- in the hardware wizard click next
- on the next screen choose "yes i have already connected hardware" then click next
- next screen system will list devices - scroll to the end and choose "add a new hardware device"
- on the next screen choose "install new hardware that I manually select from a list...". click next
- on the next screen, from list choose "sound, video game controllers" click next
- on the next screen, from the menu chose "standard system device" on the left and "standard game port" on the right
- follow prompts to install and reboot system
- after reboot go into Noteworthy
- for the midi setup under the midi tab choose "VIA midi External port" for the input device.  (Note: VIA is the motherboard chipset - so it may display another chipset name.
- All Works like a charm now.

Another option if that doesn't work is to follow all the above steps BUT instead of installing "Standard Game Port", Choose "Microsoft" from the manufacturers on the left and "MPU-401 compatible midi device"

Hope this helps...
good luck

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I never could get my PCMCIA midi/game card to work but I finally got my midi keyboard to work with my laptop by installing a USB Midisport 2x2.  The box says it's compatible with Windows 2000 & ME but does not mention XP.  There is an install readme file for XP on the included CD.  I'm using an old Finale 3.7 music software so there is hope for those of you trying to hook up your midi keyboards.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I recently purchased a computer with Windows XP to find that my EXP Traveller MIDI/Game PCMCIA card is not supported for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Naturally, I was pretty upset.  HOWEVER, in looking for alternatives, I found that there are numerous USB devices available that deliver more reliable results than the PCMCIA card. Warning... in looking for a USB device, be sure to check that it is XP compatible.

Check out or for some good selections and prices.

USB devices are as little as $40 compared to the $100 I spent on the PCMCIA card that is no longer supported.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have sound blaster whithout midi port but i have a separated game port.Can i anyway connect and use my midi keyboard?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Can't open downloaded drivers for XP. Been trying for two days.  Sound card just stopped working.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Hi guys!

I don't know if this helps your problem but I just had a similar problem. I tried to play on old game but the game would come up with an error message. Can't find midi driver. This drove me nuts. After research with Filemon here is the solution:

Copy the file C:\windows\system32\midimap.cfg from the a Windows 2000 PC to you C:\Windows\System32\ directory of your Windows XP PC. Voila, everything works nicely :)

God bless, Mark

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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i need to run cakewalk

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Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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For Cakewalk, please go to their site.
I suppose the URL is somewhere on their installation CD.
Good luck, and if you want an easier way to input music, come back ;)

Best regards,
an NWC user

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have cakewalk, xp and EXP midi card.  I never had a windows 2000 pc so I can't get my hands on the midimap.cfg file.  Does any one know where I can get this file?


Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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See Reply 16.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I am having trouble installing the software for a MIDIMan 1x1 interface.  I have Windows XP, and it indicates that the software is not XP verified.  I use Sonar 3 producer....any thoughts?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Generally, interface hardware problems, when they occur, are unrelated to anything happening with NWC. The best place to find info as at the site of the peripheral manufacturer. If the manufacturer is out of business, you may be out of luck.

If a driver is not verified for XP, it may still work perfectly. It just hasn't been "verified."

But if the driver doesn't install in XP, that could be a BIG problem. It is a fact that there are many peripheral drivers from the Windows 98 era that will not install in XP, period. You can try installing the software in "NT compatibility mode." Sometimes, that works.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have a copy of midimap.cfg from Windows 2000.  If anyone wants to try this, email me and I'll send it to you.  I don't guarentee it'll work, cause I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'll be glad to let you have a copy.

email addr:

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I recently upgraded to a new pc with XP.  I have tried to load the most recent drivers (Win 98) for my Midiman Biport 2x4 which is a serial midi interface.  So far, no go.  Any suggestions?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I had another model interface, from that same company (I think). Could not make it work in XP no matter what tricks I tried, and no driver upgrade available. SOL, unless something has changed.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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What is "SOL," other than the fifth note of the scale?

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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SO is the fifth note of the scale.  SOL means Sore Out of Luck. :-)
Francis Beaumier
De Pere, WI

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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SOL is the fifth note of the scale.
It comes from:
Ut queant laxis
resonare fibris
Mira gestorum
famuli tuorum
Solve polluti
Labii reatum
Sancte Joannes

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I had problems installing my band new the M-Audio MidiSport2x2 USB controller on my XP machine. The install program stopped without warning before it finished.

This driver (and many others) is 'not certified for Windows XP', which means only that the manufacturer did not pay Microsoft to test their driver.

My solution:
run the installation program in Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.
( in the Windows explorer,
- find the installation .EXE program,
- right-click with the mouse,
- select 'properties',
- choose 'compatibility' tab,
- select 'run in compatibility mode',
- select 'Windows 98/ME' from the list
- close the properties window with 'OK'
- run the installation program
On my system, the installation program now ran normally.

Windows XP does know about the midi port. The midi port on my sound card is used for a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick (the first version, later versions use USB).

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I too have this problem with the EXP Midi Traveller Plus PCMCIA card and a new Windows XP laptop. I have the old installation disk with DOS, Win95 and WinNT drivers. Can anyone say if it's at all possible to make MIDI work in XP using this card? If it is, please tell me how.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Some older drivers will install in XP using compatibility mode (try NT4 mode if 98 mode doesn't work). However, I had an old Win98-era MIDI interface that could not be installed in XP no way, no how, period. Mfgr. went out of business, so no driver update. Installation file couldn't be hacked, either.

In any case, the problem isn't with NWC or any other music software.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Hi Everyone,

I remember having to install the driver two times in order to get it to work when I first purchased the midi box. It actually had a note in the box concerning the "Windows" issues.  Give that a try.  If you have the CD, the installation instructions are in a readme file on the CD in the  1x1 file.  I too was having a difficult time getting my midi driver and usb port to recognize the hardware in XP.  I followed the directions in the readme file, and it worked like a charm.  It works for me now, and I am using an older Casio keyboard with Finale 2005.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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There is a moral to this story for all the Windows '98SE users like myself...
Keep it, enjoy it, and use your Windows XP Compact Disk as a beer-mat!

Cheers all...!

Paul. (A member of the Windows 98SE Appreciation Society)...!

How would I manage without sorting out the "Blue Screen of Death" at least once per day...LOL...!

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Windows 98SE - that's a little too modern for me.  I'm still in 98 itself, having experimented with ME at one point.  Win98 works fine with NWC2.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have an old Yamaha PSR - 79, and just bought a MIDI to D-PLug cable, to find out that my computer (Dell) has no game port, i have an old joystikc that had a D-Pug To USB calble so i connected, should that work?

if not what should i do??

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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This won't work unless you have a MIDI device driver to install that works with this configuration.

You will need to acquire an external MIDI interface that works with one of the available port types on your Dell computer. At a minimum, this probably means that you can chose from USB or Parallel port interfaces. A USB MIDI interface is probably the most logical choice given the current state of PC hardware.

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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I have a Yamaha DGX-200 MIDI keyboard along with MIDI cables and I'm trying to get it to connect to a DELL with windows XP.  My Yamaha has a PC button but I don't know how to use it.  I also don't know how to get my computer to recognize my Yamaha or what program to go into for that matter.  I've lost my instruction manual to my Yamaha so any support that you could give would be appreciated

Re: MIDI Input Keyboard and Windows XP
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Hi folks,

Does anybody get a Yamaha DJX working with Windows XP (Midi cable connected in a joystick game port)?
How did you get to make it works? What drivers and softwares are you using? How have you setted Local/RemoteChannel/Kboutput/etc and other functions on DJX? Any help?