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If you want to set up a basic metronome to click the beat while you practice your instrument, just create a *.nwc song file to do the job.

The file metronom.nwc (1K) is an example of a simple beat metronome with the sound of a Side Stick from the MIDI Drum list. You may want to select a Hand Clap for the sound, if that reminds you of your teacher sitting beside you clapping out the beat. To change the tempo, simply select the tempo and press Alt+Enter to edit it.

You may want to create your own collection of metronomes, from simple to more elaborate like the rhythm templates in NoteWorthy Composer. Remember to set the Channel of the staff (Staff: Staff Properties, MIDI) to 10 or 16 for your drum channel. See the file drumref.nwc in NoteWorthy Composer for more examples of sounds and how the drum channel works.