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T&T: Author Information on Top Left Side of Page

Author information on the left side of the page can be done using the Insert: Text command on the top staff.

  • Select top staff, press HOME to go to the beginning.
  • Move the cursor to the top of the staff area, or even a bit beyond.
  • Use Insert: Text to enter the info and select the Page Text font (you need to scroll down on the drop list to find this). Under Expression Placement turn off Preserve Width.
  • Go to Print Preview to see if it is in the right place. It won't be. To move the text, press HOME, Shift+right arrow (to select it), and Alt+Enter to edit it. Use the spin control to change the position, and check again with Print Preview.
Make sure you check with Print Preview just before printing in case you did something to the staff that would change the position of the text.