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T&T: MIDI Instrument Numbers

When setting up the instrument type from the Staff Properties Midi tab, you can select from the instrument names (using for example the General Midi), or a numeric system (starting from 0 or from 1). Sometimes it would be easier to be able to see the instrument names as well as the number rather than switching between the numeric and named systems.

To achieve this you can edit the file ntwpatch.ini.

Important: Before editing this file, make a backup copy so that you can go back to it if you make a mistake or change your mind.

In the file you will find lists of your midi instruments. Under the [General MIDI] heading you will see the first instrument.

Acoustic Grand Piano=

To add the reference number, insert it immediately before the equals sign so that the line now looks like :

Acoustic Grand Piano 1=

(make sure that the equals sign is the last character on the line)

Continue in this way until you reach


which, after amendment, will look as follows:

Gunshot 128=

Save the file and also save a backup copy as a different file name since a new release of NoteWorthy Composer will overwrite the file. The next time you select an instrument from the Midi tab, you will see both the instrument and its related number.