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Please help me, I am new to noteworthy Composer, and i'm still not to sure on how to use many of the functions.
But what I would really like to know is:- are there any ways of creating sound effects; such as an explosion, or a train speeding up as it goes down the tracks?

Please help and many thanks.

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Doing this is fairly simple, but the sound effects are usually pretty low-quality on a computer. You'd hear them better on an electric keyboard. All you do is add a stave and select the instrument as what sound effect you want to use. The sound effects are down at the very bottom of the instrument list. Then enter a note (C3-C5 range is best) and specify how long you want the sound effect to be on. I've found that Seashore is the best quality sound effect on my computer, but I probably have a different instrument set than you. So you'll have to do some fooling around with instruments until you get the right one.

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It depends on your sound hardware. Some cards include the ability to create your own sound effects, then load them for purposes of play back in NWC or other MIDI software. Other cards simply supply the standard effects called for in the General MIDI spec. Check with your sound card docs and manufacturer's web site to determine its capabilities.

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i have a sound blaster live card, and it comes with a program that i think might be what you need, (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)
Vienna SoundFont Studio.
It will let you set up a wav file as an instrument.
so if you want an explosion or a train, you can have one that sounds as good as you can record it.
There is already alot on the web about SoundFonts, but I will tell you that not all sound cards will let you use them. (unless you get several programs to do several different things).
If your soundcard does support them, you can use them with NWC. If not, you can find another way, i'm sure... but i'm quite sure that the sound effects in the regular MIDI instruments aren't quite what you're looking for..