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effect of lowering notes


I tried to lower the pitch to 2 semintones, however, 1 flat singn in the original signature, became 2 flat sign (see attached). My question is it normal simbol, I never see 2 flat sign in front of the note.



Re: effect of lowering notes

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This is a "double-flat" accidental.  This is half a tone lower than an ordinary flat note.   You may sometimes see a double-sharp  too, a double-sharp uses an X instead of a sharp sign, and raises the note a half step above the sharp.  D double-sharp is the same as E natural.

Your key signature probably has at least 4 flats (Bb, Eb, Ab, Db), so every D and E is flat unless marked with an accidental. (Where there is an accidental, if there's another note of the same pitch following it in the same bar, it will have the same accidental, but it's unwritten.)

E double flat is the same as D.  The composer wants you to sing/play
Db, Eb, D natural, Db, D natural, Db
but that means writing four accidental signs in the bar.   It's less cluttered to just use the one double-flat.

There's probably a theory reason too, but I have not yet gained that knowledge.