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note set on 2 staffs

I am looking for a way to insert some notes which start at staff #1 and continue at staff #2.
Here I have a snippet of the print of the sheet music.
<Image Link>

Who can help me?

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Re: note set on 2 staffs

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It's not perfect and uses 3 staves, but this is a quick and dirty you might like to experiment with.
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Re: note set on 2 staffs

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Here's my method:

(1) Enter the notes you want to sound on the upper staff. Set staff length to 0.
(2) Enter any notes you like on the lower staff, at the horizontal positions of the notes you want in the upper staff. Beam them normally. Mute them, and hide their ledger lines.
(3) Using <shift><ctrl> and the up-arrow key, move the muted notes on the lower staff upward step by step until they hide the notes you've placed in the upper staff.

This method doesn't give you a beam between the staves, but it's perfectly acceptable to beam cross-staff notes with all the stems pointing the same direction.

Re: note set on 2 staffs

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You can use user object Beam.hmm to achieve a cross-staff-beam.

Notes have stem length of 0, first beam position is set by the object position, the last by the last stem length, and the span covers the number of notes/rests. Mute the dummy notes.

Re: note set on 2 staffs

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Thank you very much. Problem is solved.