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Uninstall nwc 1
Is there any reason why I should not uninstall version one since I am now using the latest version? I am running out of room on my computer and I need to delete some apps.

Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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Version 1? Even a slow upgrader like me has abandoned it looong ago! ;D

Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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 I haven't used it for years but it is still on my computer and I want to delete it. I can still open all my files with version 2.75 so it should be fine right?

Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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I doubt you would need to go back to it, if version 2,75 is working well for you. But I also doubt that you will gain much space by uninstalling it. What you need to be trimming are all those cat videos.

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Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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I cannot believe that you will empty more then a few megabytes by deleting a software application like Notewothy Composer, especially an older version.

Why don't you measure the disk occupation with tools like "spacesniffer" or "windirstats". Then you see immediately which files are taking most of the diskspace, which you then can remove or transfer to an external disk.

Be also aware that recent Windows versions may take automatic backups, and if they aren't cleaned up manually, they may be the culprit too.


Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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Agree with Bart and Mike. NWC is not a space-hogging program.

In addition to what Bart has suggested, I think you should run a tool like Ccleaner. It can find all the junk files on your computer and delete them. I ran Ccleaner yesterday, after a six-month gap, and regained 3 gigabytes of space. Well worth it (and my computer runs much quicker now!)

Re: Uninstall nwc 1
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Thanks for weighing in on this issue. I've come to realize that my new computer from two years ago, which was a gift from my spouse, actually has only a third of the space of my previous. Which I have now filled up. I'm a little shocked to be honest. I'll need to investigate an external drive.

And look for cat videos to delete ...

Thanks for your help!