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General Discussion / Re: Printing several "songs" on one page
Sorry to drag this up again. I see from Lawrie's whiteout demo how a section of notation has been blanked out, but I can't get the staff to disappear. When I select the section I want to edit and go STAFF PROPERTIES etc the whole staff is affected not just the  selection.
General Discussion / Re: Printing several "songs" on one page
quote author=David Palmquist link=topic=6153.msg41078#msg41078 date=1189932120]
M2309 asked:
Digital whiteout may be more elaborate than M2309 needs, I understood the problem correctly.  If each song only takes up one system (in other words, one line ), all he or she may need to do is adjust the vertical spacing.

Thanks for that  suggestion but some of the songs are several lines long so I do need the white on white invisible staff trick.

General Discussion / Printing several "songs" on one page : Grateful thanks.
Thank you to everybody who took the time to reply. You have answered my query and more! And judging by the number of others who downloaded the examples before I even got back to read the replies you have helped more folk than you know (and then there are all the beginners in my wife's accordion class).  Mike
General Discussion / Printing several "songs" on one page
I am wanting to print several short, single-stave " songs" (is there a better term?) on one page. The only approach I have found is to run them together on one stave and force a system break at the end of each song. That doesn't give me very good vertical separation of the songs. Can I force multiple system breaks without getting extaneous bar-lines, or is there some other method?