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Object Plugins / Re: (2.1)
I've just started needing to add more obscure chords to my scores and this object looks as though it should do that for me, however, having loaded it I cannot find the help text or see how to write or construct the new chords. Nor can I find anything other than 35 chords! What am I doing wrong?
General Discussion / Re: Need to put one verse in italics - any ideas?
I have been using your script to great effect for some time but have just tried to use it on Win 10 for the first time. It's thrown up an error which says:
   Line: 41
   Char: 3
   Error: 0x800700C1
   Code: 800700C1
   Source: (null)
Have I done something wrong or has Microsoft stuffed me once again?
General Discussion / Re: Need to put one verse in italics - any ideas?
Streuth! That's wandering into completely unknown territory for me! At least I (almost) know what I'm doing with the word processor and symbol table and, to be honest, the printed results do look great.
Perhaps it could become a request for NWC3?
General Discussion / Re: Need to put one verse in italics - any ideas?
Thanks Rick, that does, indeed, do it.
Is there no easier method than writing the italicised text, character by character (selected from the symbol table set to the Romital font) into a word processor then cutting and pasting the result into NWC? Or have I just found the most difficult and tedious method of doing it!
General Discussion / Re: NWC to Midi
Thank you MusicJohn, that's cracked it. That's a feature I've never played with before but will from here on
General Discussion / NWC to Midi
Hi, When I write in notation all looks correct until I send the file to the MIDI output at which point there is a pronounced hard cutoff for each not and an equally pronounced note switch-on - this is quite unpleasant to listen to. For example the first note of the bar starts at tick 0 and finishes at tick 160 but the second note doesn't start until tick 192. Is there some method of writing the notation so that the note-off and next note-on are closer to each other so that you don't get the staccato effect on midi playback?
General Discussion / Re: SwingDings update for NWC2
just want to say thank you for the fonts. I have used Swingchords for several years and couldn't be without it. Thank you for your effort in putting it together