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General Discussion / Why do fermatas and pedal markers only occasionally export properly?
This has been frustrating me for years!  I make midi in noteworthy composer, and then I export it to .mid files, which I can upload into Ableton and other DAWs.  Sometimes the fermatas are saved properly as tempo variations, other times, they're just ignored and aren't visible anywhere in the tempo data.  I haven't been able to figure out what allows this information to be exported properly vs not.

I will note (in case it's relevant) that regular tempo changes also occasionally don't export properly.  This, however, only seems to happen if I have two tempos placed one after the other with no interval in between.  So, for instance, I might have a ritardando which ends in 90 BPM, and then immediately switches back to the previous BPM.  In those cases, I have to make sure that there is at least a quick rest or note placed between the two tempos in order for them to export properly.  I haven't been able to figure out a workaround like that for the fermatas, however.

Very similar issues seem to happen with the pedal markers.  Some of my petals appear in other programs when I export and import the midi file, whereas others are simply ignored, as though they weren't included in the data for whatever reason.  I can't really verify whether this is happening during the exports or the imports, or both.  I have been able to deduce that some DAWs seem to retain more of the midi data than others, however!

Does anybody else have these problems when exporting?
General Discussion / Auto-Fill Empty Measures?
This is a problem I've seen mentioned on this forum a few times, but I'm not completely sure whether it's been "solved" by this point.  I tired searching for a few times, but the results didn't quite seem to match my issue.  I'm just going to paste in a quote from 12 odd years ago.  I have the exact same query.

Noteworthy is probably preferred so much by us all because it's easy to use and very efficient, however I find that I waste a lot of time, when working with large scores, copy and pasting measures and measures of nothing but rests so that the orchestra can catch up to where I am.  For example, I'm working with a 24 part orchestra but there is a section where I only have a quartet playing, for say 16 measures, I'm ready to go in and use everyone else now but before I can do that I have to go copy and paste 16 measures of whole rests 20 times!  Would anyone mind making me a user tool that would auto fill the empty spaces, can it be done?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
General Discussion / How to separate percussion into individual staffs?
Hey!  I was hoping that somebody maybe knew how to automatically separate every instrument used on a percussion stuff into individual staffs.  I have a performance coming up in a couple months, and the percussion section has been a pain, and my engraver has asked me to do this, but my wrists hurt too much to do this all manually.  I think Musescore used to do this, but it doesn't now, for whatever reason.  Does anyone know of an instant/automatic way to do this?  Maybe a website I can upload my midis to or something?

You've all been really helpful to me in the past, so thanks again in advance!
General Discussion / Dotted Lines for Ritardando/etc?
How can I make a dotted line or something else like that to indicate the number of bars I want a ritardando or other things of that nature to last?  I should note that this is for a live performer.
General Discussion / Change the widge of measures?
Hello!  I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that all measures are roughly of equal length (regardless of how many notes are in them).  I have some passages with lots of 8th, 16th, 32nd notes, etc.  Is there a way I can get them to squish down visually to add a bit more consistency to my score?  Someone who plays in an orchestra is reviewing my scores and told me that it can be confusing for players when the note spacing is like this.  This is what he said:

"See on the first page how rhythms aren't spaced proportionately to their length? While, of course, players read rhythms, rather than spacing, to work out rhythms, it helps immeasurably with sight-reading."

I must admit, it is frustrating when I'm printing the scores and a percussion staff with lots of smaller notes makes it so that only two bars can be printed on one page at a time!  Thanks in advance for your time!

General Discussion / Auto-Key Signature?
Is there a function anywhere in the user tool (or something I could download, maybe?) which automatically generates and notates a key signature based on the notes present?  Similarly, is there a way do something like take all the F#s in a staff and change them into Gbs, having everything auto-adjust where necessary (for instance, any G natural present would automatically obtain the natural symbol)?

There's a lot of painstaking work involved with some of my key signatures (or lack thereof, in some cases) and some of my performers are better with flats vs sharps, etc.  Thank you once again to anyone who can help me!
General Discussion / Multiple Rests (Please Help! I'm such a beginner)
Hi!  I know this question has been posed many times on here, but I haven't been able to figure this out (or find any recent posts about it).  If it's not too much trouble, could someone please give me a really straightforward, step by step list of instructions on how to do multi measure rests?

<Image Link>

I've read a bunch of older threads on this topic, but there is still a gap somewhere in my understanding!  I don't know anything about boxmark fonts, for isntance and, although I found a few different plugins that seemed promising, I don't know how to install them/utilize them and can't seem to find any full instructions!

Thank you so much for your time!

General Discussion / Chord Splitting Plugin? :D
Hello!  First of all, let me just say that I'm grateful for the fast and effective solutions you guys offered me last time with my clef question!

I was wondering if someone could recommend a good tool for splitting chords into individual notes (preferably on their own staffs).  Thanks again in advance!

General Discussion / Switching Clef?
Hey!  Does anyone know of a way to make all the existing notes on a staff conform to a new/different clef?  I'm not just talking about notating in a different clef in general, but having all the notes automatically move to their respective positions on the staff according to the new clef (so, a C remains a C, etc).  Musescore can do this (in that one, you just drag a clef onto the staff and everything instantly conforms/adjusts).  I need this very badly with NWC since my work is going to be performed live in only a few months and I need to find a fast/efficient way put a lot of stuff that was initially written with treble and bass clefs into alto and tenor clefs- preferably without losing any other notation in the process (such as dynamics, performance styles, etc).  I am so incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me with this problem!!