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Auto-Key Signature?

Is there a function anywhere in the user tool (or something I could download, maybe?) which automatically generates and notates a key signature based on the notes present?  Similarly, is there a way do something like take all the F#s in a staff and change them into Gbs, having everything auto-adjust where necessary (for instance, any G natural present would automatically obtain the natural symbol)?

There's a lot of painstaking work involved with some of my key signatures (or lack thereof, in some cases) and some of my performers are better with flats vs sharps, etc.  Thank you once again to anyone who can help me!

Re: Auto-Key Signature?

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There isn't a function to automatically generate a key sig.  You kinda need to know what you want there ;)

As for changing notes to their enharmonic equivalents there are a couple of options:
Firstly you could use the "Audit Enharmonic Spelling"  |Tools (menu)|Audit|Audit Enharmonic Spelling| - note this does NOT work on a selection, only the whole staff AND you need a key signature in place - you can select certain preferences in the dialogue to try to direct the changes.

This tool is not foolproof and some users find it less than satisfactory.
you could use the "Global Modification" user tool and craft your own changes.

E.G. for your specific example:
Select the section to be affected, then <Alt-F8>,  choose ".Starter Tools" in the left box, then "Global Modification (ADP)" from the resulting right box.

Overwrite the "help" in the command line (assuming treble clef and key signature of C {hidden F nat}) with:
Note,Pos==-2 Pos=n-2
This converts the G's on the second line to Gnat's
Note,Pos==5 Pos=n5
This converts the G's on the space above the top line to Gnat's

Then do the same thing, but this time the commands are:
Note,Pos==#-3 Pos=b-2
Which will convert bottom space F#'s to second line Gb's
Note,Pos==#4 Pos=b5
Which will convert top line F#'s to space above top line Gb's

ALSO see:
for some other ideas
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Re: Auto-Key Signature?

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Thanks for the global modification idea!  This will be helpful!

Between enharmonic spelling, forcing naturals and changing key, I can accomplish most of what I need to do.  :)  Since the global mod will allow me to make a specific selection, I think that will help with the random trickier parts.

To give some background, I rely VERY much on ear and rarely bother with key signatures at all in midi- or if I do, they're not necessarily the most helpful ones for live performers.  But, as I said, all of these tools combined should take care of this issue for me.

Re: Auto-Key Signature?

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A small word of advice, at the very least, with NWC always use a key signature of "C", even if you don't want to bother with something more suitable, as some NWC functions rely on having a proper key signature in place.
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