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Today I "invented" another way to add lyrics to a song.

In NWC we can add lyrics by "telling" how many lyric lines we want the song to have. In each tab you can enter text. There is, however, a drawback, since each syllable needs to be separated by a hyphen. Ty-ping such text is dif-fi-cult to do and prone for mis-takes.

In songbooks you allways find the lyric of the first verse underneath the notes, the verses 2 and further are printed below the song. This can be achieved in your own computer too.

First you need a programme which alows you to print to a PDF-file. I suggest PDF-creator, downloadable from

Second you need a programme called: PDF Xchange viewer. This can be downloaded for free from (O, do I like this free software). Save it on your computer, install it and even you can choose it as your preferred PDF-viewer instead of Adobe Reader.

Now comes the trick.

Create your song, with one verse. Save it as a NWC-file. Print it to PDF-creator. Open it with PDF-XChange Viewer. In PDF-XChange Viewer is an possibility to add text with a typewriter. With this typewriter you can add the rest of the verses. You can change the font according to your own wihishes, as well as the size. I find this programme monkey proof and it has a simple help file.

Then save this file.

I hope you're happy with this.
I wonder how I can improve the looks of sustained, slurred of tied notes when there is a first ending with a master repeat followed by a second ending. The first notes of first measure of the second ending consist of those tied notes.

I invented a trick myself, but I hope some of you guys of girls have better looking plans.

My trick: I invent a note of the same pitch, put its visibility to "never", and its sound to "mute". I give it a slur/tie as well. Then I put the notes that need to be seen and heard. In printing it looks a bit like I want it to be. However, the slur/tie looks a bit too "short".