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General Discussion / BUG - Pasting instrument change with bank only doesn't work
So I am finally playing around with soundfonts and placing them in different banks. In an attempt to easily change the banks I'm using, I'm trying to copy/paste Instrument Changes across different staves with only the Bank Select selected. For some reason, the Inst Change object I edit works fine, but if I try to paste it, it's blank. Pls fix my family.
General Discussion / MIDI controllers/effects
Hi y'all. I've been using NWC for over a decade now, but I don't have much experience with the MIDI controllers. When using MPCs, I only use volume, pitch bend, and tempo as the controller, because I don't know what the others do. I have no idea how to search for this online, because "MIDI controller" also means a physical MIDI input device.

For example, I'd like to add echo/reverb to tracks to give pianos more sustain, but the "reverb depth" controller doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever.

Does anyone know of a good primer on which of these controllers actually do anything? I know it all depends on what your sound card actually supports, but I imagine the default GS Wavetable Synth has some features.

Also, I recall there was a .mid file that used a very specific drum sound that I couldn't find in the normal chromatic drumkit. I imagine that had something to do with MIDI commands. Does anyone know about that? Are there ways to access additional instrument sets or anything like that through MIDI commands?