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General Discussion / Clean Forum
I have just discovered that I can suppress Avatars and Signatures from posts on the forum.
What a relief - nice clean look - no ugly, space chewing graphics and images.
Tips & Tricks / User Font: Boxmarks.ttf Music Symbols Font
A new music symbol font for NoteWorthy Composer users, Boxmarks.ttf provides boxed letters, multi-bar rest markers and numbers, lip up, fall off, arpeggio, gliss, bowing marks, crescendo, roll, turns etc. The file (11K) includes the font file, instructions on installation and use in NoteWorthy Composer and a *.nwc file with examples of the font in use.
Tips & Tricks / Writing and Hearing Parts for Kit Drummers
Midi percussion parts use a notation that does not match conventional drum parts. If you want to write and play back a drum part try this:

  • Open the Windows 3.x MAIN Window and Select CONTROL PANEL. Then select MIDI MAPPER.
  • Create a New Key Map (call it DRUM). Re-map the source keys for the basic drum kit in the left column to their matching sound keys in the right column.
    • Bass Drum (Note 45 - A in bass stave) to 36
    • Snare (Note 52 - E in bass stave) to 38
    • Closed Hihat (Note 55 - G in bass stave) to 44
    • Low Tom, Mid Tom and Hi Tom (Notes 47,48 & 50 - B,C & D) do not need to be remapped
    • Ride Cymbal (Note 59 - B above bass stave) is OK where it is
      Exit to save the new DRUM key map.
  • Create a New Patch Map (call it DRUM) for both 0 and 1 based patches. Change only the Acc. Grand Piano key map in the right column to DRUM. Remember to use Acc. Grand Piano as the instrument for your drum kit in NoteWorthy Composer. Exit to save the new patch map.
  • Create a NEW Setup (call it DRUM). The procedure depends on your sound card and the number of channels available. On my Soundblaster 16 - I activate all channels and select the Voyetra FM driver for output. (Check your normal setup first). Set channel 16 to Patch Map DRUM in the right-hand column. You could also redirect channel 10 to 16 in column 2 if you prefer channel 10 for drums. Exit to save the new setup.
  • Write your drum part on a stave that uses channel 16 ( or 10). Select Acc. Piano as your instrument and Midi Mapper as your output device. Use ALT/TAB to access the Program Manager/Control Panel/Midi Mapper and select DRUM as your setup. ALT/TAB back to NoteWorthy Composer and PLAY to hear the drum part playing along with the score. Don't forget to switch back to your normal Midi Mapper setup when listening to normal midi files.
  • Try and explain your drum part to your drummer! (That's the hard part). GOOD LUCK from the Land of Oz!