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Thanks for continuing to update this tool.
I've tried to log in to download, but am in a loop of "bad password, click here to reset" and then "you're trying a reset link that has expired."
I assume they don't really expire within a minute of issue - perhaps the 6 hour time difference from US to Belgium?
I didn't want to post this here, but I can't find a contact option on your site.

btw - my user name there is Charlie
General Discussion / Re: Merry Christma
I'm very late to this thread, but I hope all who celebrate had a very Merry Christmas indeed, and here's to a happy new year in 2023!
General Discussion / Re: staff of "falsetti"
I am interested in this as well. I would love to find how to have a staff "come and go" as it's actually needed in the printing, rather than have a few pages of rests taking up space when the voice or instrument only plays in a small portion of the score.

Maybe that's easy and I've just missed it. One can always hope!
General Discussion / Re: changing the key
If the part or song is in C (or Am) then you MUST have a C key signature in place for this to work properly.
  If you are in any other key then you will already have an appropriate key signature in place.

To place a C key signature press <K><C><Enter> and you will see a natural sign appear on the F line of the staff.  This sign is hidden so will not show up in a print out, but it is absolutely necessary for the transposition function to work.  Do this for each staff that is in C.

Thanks for that bit of information! I've used Noteworthy for years and didn't realize that. I must have been lucky in what I've transposed always having been in a non-C key.
General Discussion / Re: Articulation volume adjustment: accents, etc.
"Regarding NWC: since the development has suddenly stopped years ago with a beta version, at this point I believe we must do with what we have, as long as Microsoft allows it   :'( , then... bye bye.
I'm thinking to evaluate MuseScore. Someone has tried it?"

I've used MuseScore some - it's not bad, really. I do like that it exports directly to mp3, and the printed output is fine.
There's a new version just announced with a new font that's supposed to make the printed output quite a bit better than it has been, but I've not upgraded yet.

General Discussion / Re: Support???
I have used NWC for many years now, but have had that same sense of "abandonware" dread for quite some time now.
I come here frequently - largely checking to see if there are any updates / new releases being announced. Sadly, I have been disappointed in that quest.