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reinstalling NWC
In the past I bought NWC 2.0 and I got a CD ROM. In the years later I had to install NWC many times (due to crashes of my computer, a new hard disks, reinstalling Windows, etc.). In the first years I used the CD ROM, but the CD ROM now is damaged and can not be used anymore.
When I reinstalled the software, I installed 2.0, updated it to the next release and repeated the update process until I have the most recent version.

At this moment I do not have an option to install NWC from scratch. How can I become a new installer (2.0 or may be 2.75)?

Any help is very appreciated.

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Re: reinstalling NWC
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If you still have your authenticity ID from your original purchase, you can purchase an upgrade to 2.75 by going to this page. The cost is USD15.00, and you would get an electronic version that will install version 2.75 directly.  For an extra 10.00 you can have a backup CD shipped to you, although I don't know if there is an extra charge to ship overseas. However, I think CDs are going the way of the dinosaur these days, and I would just keep a backup copy of the original installer handy.

There may be other options if you contact support.