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Title: reinstalling NWC
Post by: Guido van Harten on 2020-02-08 12:07 pm
In the past I bought NWC 2.0 and I got a CD ROM. In the years later I had to install NWC many times (due to crashes of my computer, a new hard disks, reinstalling Windows, etc.). In the first years I used the CD ROM, but the CD ROM now is damaged and can not be used anymore.
When I reinstalled the software, I installed 2.0, updated it to the next release and repeated the update process until I have the most recent version.

At this moment I do not have an option to install NWC from scratch. How can I become a new installer (2.0 or may be 2.75)?

Any help is very appreciated.

Best regards,
Title: Re: reinstalling NWC
Post by: Mike Shawaluk on 2020-02-08 02:06 pm
If you still have your authenticity ID from your original purchase, you can purchase an upgrade to 2.75 by going to this page ( The cost is USD15.00, and you would get an electronic version that will install version 2.75 directly.  For an extra 10.00 you can have a backup CD shipped to you, although I don't know if there is an extra charge to ship overseas. However, I think CDs are going the way of the dinosaur these days, and I would just keep a backup copy of the original installer handy.

There may be other options if you contact support.