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I'm looking for a really good flugelhorn sound.  I've been able to get close by using the trumpet and adding heavy reverb but it just isn't the same.  Can anyone offer suggestions?

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Use flugelhorn samples!  :D
My keyboard has it and you can always find them in the 'net.
Of course you don't have it in the general MIDI bank.
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If your synth doesn't have a flugal patch available you might try a tuba patch.  I know it seems a bit silly but think about it.  You have trumpets, saxhorns and french horns - what's the difference in their construction?

A trumpet is approximately 2/3's cylindrical in the bore and 1/3 conical - this makes a trombone part of the trumpet family

A saxhorn is ALL conical.  What are saxhorns?  Cornet, tenor(alto) horn, baritone, euphonium, tuba, oh and flugal...

French horns are also all conical, but they're a law unto themselves - extremely small bore coupled with very long length and massively oversized bell...

As tuba and flugal are both conical there is a relationship in their sound production, thus a tuba sample pitched into the flugal range (up 2 octaves) can sound surprisingly close to a flugal.  No, it won't be perfect, but if you have a good tuba patch it just might surprise you.
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Thank you both.  This is helpful.