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Use of the Slur button
I have recently changed from NWC 2.5.5 to NWC 2.75.  I believe that the behaviour of the Slur button (in the menu in the 3rd line at the top of my screen) has changed.  Previously, when I was entering notes on the stave, pressing the slur button would only apply to the next note I entered;  now it applies to succeeding notes as well unless I switch it off.

Can I change the way that NWC works for me, so that pressing the slur key button (or semicolon ';') only applied to the next note I enter.

Thank you.

Re: Use of the Slur button
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I'm not sure when NWC implemented "Persistant Tools", but that is what you need to change. Go to menu Notes > Persistant Tools... and uncheck Slur to get your desired behavior back.

Re: Use of the Slur button
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Thank you very much, Mike for your speedy reply.  It does the trick!

 Best wishes.  Andrew