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Reading staff symbols
I am working on a function looking for accidentals as text in StaffCueSymbols. Sometimes it is only one character, sometimes it is three high ASCII characters. When I used stdErr for debugging, I get a character looking like a lowercase m with something dragging to the right (see picture).  What is that character?  Is it possible to read and interpret the text for a special font?

In the following code saveText is the content of the quoted character(s) without spaces.
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	switch(saveText) {
case "e":
case "?":
case "∩üÑ":  //Natural
    saveAcc = "n";
case "f":
case "∩üª":  //Flat
    saveAcc = "b";
case "d":
case "∩üñ":  //Sharp
    saveAcc = "#";
case "g":             // Double sharp
case "":
    saveAcc = "x";
case "h":             // Double Flat
case "":
    saveAcc = "v";
    errMsg+= ti + "->" + saveText + "<- " + lines[i] + "\n";
    errMsg += "Couldn't find accidental in " + lines[ti], rc = 1; return lines; // change += to = when live
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