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predefined instruments

I have just lost access to my predefined instruments, can someone guide me into how to correct this. Novice at computing.
Cheers. :(


Re: predefined instruments

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It almost sounds like you've lost access to your "itree".

Launch NWC and either open an existing song, or create a new dummy one.  Go to the properties of a staff and select the "Instrument" tab, OR press <I> to make an instrument change on the active staff.

Click the "Predefined Instruments" button and a dialogue box will open.  The title of this dialogue will be "Instrument Tree - xxxxxx" where xxxxxx will be the name of the current itree.  Normally it will be "Default".   Within this dialogue there is a button to "Change list" where you can select a different itree - This is a "sticky" selection - it will be remembered between launches of NWC.

Click "Change List" and see if you have any options to choose from.  At the very least you should see "default.nwcitree".  You can either select an itree or cancel out.

If you don't see any itree files then cancel out, click |Tools|Options|Folders| and you should see an entry called "Instrument Trees".  The default parameter for this entry is ":program:\itrees".

:program: will change a little according to whether you are running 32 bit or 64 bit windows. 
32 bit windows will have it under "C:\Program Files\NoteWorthy Composer 2"
64 bit windows will have it under "C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteWorthy Composer 2"

Use Windows Explorer to check this location.  Within the itree folder there should be a file called "default.nwcitree" - this is what is used by default unless you have changed it.  If there is nothing suitable in this location, make sure NWC is pointing to the default location (see quote box above - change NWC if necessary) and make sure the default location has at least one .nwcitree file in it.

When you've checked these things please get back to us with your results.
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