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Anchors instead of diamonds

Hello friends. Its been quite some time since I have used NWC and have recently installed it on my laptop but things have changed a lot since my last use. I wanted to modify one of my files and notice that the anchor is showing in the editor instead of the diamond for object placement like text.
My files are several years old and I find that the anchor is somewhat visually obstructing. I much prefer the diamond but cannot seem to find anything about how to change this feature in the index, unless it is no longer available.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Anchors instead of diamonds

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Go to  Tools /  Options / Editor and then check the "Expression anchor size"  . Once checked, it will then resemble what you remember.

 The strange thing is that checking the box turns the anchor off.



Re: Anchors instead of diamonds

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Thanks Rich for your quick reply. That isn't exactly what I remember, but just as good. Thanks.