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Restore NCW 2.75

I just purchased NWC 2.75 a few days ago and was really enjoying it.
Unfortunately, Microsoft just upgraded MS Office loading super, annoying popups each time you opened a file.
A System Restore was done which removed the upgrade & popups, but also removed NWC 2.75 !!!
Now,  all my old NWC files (which had been upgraded) no longer play on the old version.

Is there any way to restore 2.75 without repurchasing?



Re: Restore NCW 2.75
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If you undo the system restore you should be able to find the NWC 2.75 install file in C:\Program Files (86)\NoteWorthy Composer 2\UpdateInstalls folder

Copy the whole C:\Program Files\NoteWorthy Composer 2\ folder structure to an external drive, remove the external drive then redo the system restore to fix the m$office issue.

Then run the install from the external drive and if necessary copy over the structure from the external drive.
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Re: Restore NCW 2.75
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Thanks Lawrie,

Sadly, when doing a system restore they warn you that it cannot be undone.
I should have made a backup of NWC to an external drive.
Lesson learned.

Re: Restore NCW 2.75
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If you have an older version, you might try this link to upgrade: Version 2.75.a.2
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