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A compliment!
I used SharpEye just now to create an XML file from tuned percussion parts, converted that with Niversoft's converter, and brought the resulting nwctxt file into NWC.

I was delighted to see the bar number panel now shows tiny red x marks in each bar where there was a hidden SharpEye artifact - maybe that's what they're intended to identify, or perhaps they're intended to identify bars that don't have the right number of beats for the time signature.

Either way, they're going to make life much easier. 

Thank you, Eric, for adding this feature.  

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I believe the red x's you are seeing under the bar numbers are "mute" indications. They will appear above each note that is muted in the highlighted staff. This new feature was added in NWC 2.75.

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You may be right about the purpose, Mike, but if you take a look at my example, you'll see they mark bars where invisible items ("artifacts") create extra time within bars.  There are no muted notes in that staff, although I guess NWC might be treating the artifacts as muted.

The artifacts come from processing a BMP image of a page of music in SharpEye, exporting the result to a MusicXML file, and processing that through Niversoft's MusicXML ↔ NoteWorthy converter to create a .nwctxt file, which I opened in NWC 2.8 Beta 1. 

I haven't previously noticed the red marks, probably because I usually correct timing errors within SharpEye before creating the .nwctxt file.  I was taking a shortcut today because there were a lot of timing errors in the SharpEye MRO file, and I thought fixing them in NWC would be quicker and easier.

Thanks to the red marks, it was fairly quick and easy.

Oddly enough, the red marks in the bar number panel disappear when a label is added to the staff.  These invisible items used to be indicated by miniscule red marks within the bars of the staffs but those didn't show up today.

The first system in my enclosed sample image is the imported file; the second staff was just added to show the correct length of the corresponding bars.

Whatever their purpose, the marks were very  handy today. 

Re: A compliment!
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Mike is correct. SharpEye inserts muted hidden notes when he doesn't understand.
I use a "user tool" like this to clean up the staff:
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php\php.exe scripts\adp_GlobalMod.php Note,Pos==0z DELETE

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How interesting!  I confirmed that by opening the nwctxt in a text program.  Thanks, both.

I wonder if the insertion happens when SharpEye creates the MRO file, or when it exports it to XML?  Or is the error created within the XML to NWC conversion?   Doesn't really matter, this is mostly just a rhetorical question.

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Easy answer.
It's the converter way to put in NWC things like this indicating a lapse:
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Nothing to object, even if I hate the stemless-headless notes...