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V 1.55b

Thanks NoteWorthy Artware for fixing the "unbeam selected notes" thingy. There were a few times when I really missed it, and it's nice to have it back.

Re: V 1.55b

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You're welcome. We missed it too!

Re: V 1.55b

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By the way, we'll let this thread be the official announcement. YOu can upgrade your copy of NoteWorthy Composer from:

It includes the following maintenance changes:

- Easy removal of all note beams in a selected range
- Support for opening NWC files directly from Internet Explorer 5
- New help topics
- Fix for undo after changing fonts in File | Page Setup
- Fix for measure numbers on layered staves
- Fix for infinite loop condition when loading a corrupted NWC file
- Fix for song templates that require a score audit

The file format is unchanged.