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Trying not to panic

I just opened a few of my NWC files I was working on yesterday and they appear to be empty. ie whereas yesterday they looked like NWC files do, today the same file has nothing in it. The icon hasn't changed but the music notation has disappeared from within it.
             I had transferred all my NWC to an external hard drive previously but  last night everything was fine and I was working from them.
    My older files are OK, it appears to be ones I have created in the past few months................nonetheless , I was able to use them last night.
   I am not panicking yet as there is probably a simple explanation that is unclear to me.
                Any suggestions ?


Re: Trying not to panic

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As I understand it, the only copy of these files is now found on an external drive. My immediate thought is perhaps the external drive experienced an anomaly, and has been re-assigned to a different drive letter. Try looking at the This PC (My Computer) area; check that things are working as expected. Also, check the logs to see if some kind of failure event has been detected on the drive. Until you recover your files, it is generally best to avoid saving anything else to the drive. This will give you the best chance of recovering files from it.

Re: Trying not to panic

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Thanks...............I tried this.
              I took them out of their folder and placed them individually on the desktop and they opened as usual......phew !
  Out of curiosity, I then placed them in a new folder and put them back in the ext. hard drive and again, they open as usual.
     So it is something to do with the folder ?
Anyway, I am very relieved and thank you for looking.