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Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

I'm writing for strings and it is time-consuming and untidy having to notate repeats as in the top line of the attached as opposed to the standard shortcut notation as in the bottom. Any chance of something like this being available for some future release?

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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Hi Bob,

You appear not to be up to date with the latest user objects. This can be done easily (including playback)

You need to use the TremoloSingle user object by Mike Shawaluk.

Read all about it here :

Hope this helps.

Good to hear from you

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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Hi Rich

You are quite right - as you know, I am an old hand going way back to version 1 and I've really not kept up to date. Slapped wrist! I shall make amends as I have announced to my colleagues that I really do intend to retire and spend more time writing music again.

Good to hear from you and trust you are well.


Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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Works a treat - thanks. Editing my 1st string quartet for a live performance and this will save a great deal of time and look better. Of course, when I started with NWC, there were no such things as objects and with the various upgrades, I have done what my wife tells me I always do . . .  not read instructions. (At the risk of being sexist, a man thing, I think.)

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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The following sample song files demonstrate some of the objects and other new features.

Anchors Aweigh.nwc -,
Caprice6.nwc -,,,
Memnon.nwc -,, Collapsible Sections, Slur Markers, Layering
Das Weinen.nwc -, Slur Markers, Articulation Markers
Tavisupleba.nwc - Lyrics with Unicode font, Melismatic.nw,,
PageTxtMaestro.nwc - PageTxtMaestro.nw, PageTxt.nw
SAVEQUEN.nwc - Melismatic.nw,
JINGLE.nwc -  ChordPlay.nw
NOWELL.nwc -  Melismatic.nw

More help is at

FAQ: Examples of Insert: Object...

FAQ: Install an Object from the NWC Forum

FAQ: Updating Objects

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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Thank you very much for this collection.
(Another oldie who can do with applied samples.)

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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I thought I was computer-literate, but object is defeating me. I've tried emulating examples from Caprice6.nwc and Memnon.nwc. If I copy the items and mess with the settings to what I want, fine, but if I start from scratch, I can't get to where these examples end up. Something I'm clearly misunderstanding and would be grateful for any advice.


Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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The easiest way to create note pairs starts by upgrading to the 2.75a beta, then updating your all of your plugins from Tools, Manage Objects.

Once you are using the latest 2.75a plugin, you can simply select a pair of notes and use Tools, Options, User Tool,.Plugins, Apply to create the tremolo.

When building them manually, the key is to create RestChord notes on either side of the tremolo:

  • start by placing a pair of rests that each match half of the tremolo duration
  • now, use Ctrl+Enter to place the notes that define the tremolo (set their stem direction as needed)
  • select both RestChord notes, open Edit, Properties (Alt+Enter), and uncheck the Show Rest option in the Rest Chord tab, and mark them Muted in the Notes tab
  • now you can place the object between the RestChord notes using Insert, Object (Ctrl+J)

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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How can I upgrade to 2.75a beta? I see a lot of info about it on the web site, but no download/upgrade instructions. Can someone help please?

Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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I think otherwise.
If you are a Virtuoso or NWC2 User, you hold a back stage pass to the early rehearsals for our beta software.

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Re: Request for Repeated Note Shortcut

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Fortunately, this mere user (with four piano sonatas, two string quartets and a piano concerto among other pieces written in NWC) did get to go to the back stage forum ball. Thanks for the help.