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NWC2Viewer V2.75 problems using Chrome
I am telling our choir members to upgrade to viewer V2.75.
On Windows10 when trying to play a NWC song directly from the WEB (without local download first).
an error occurs.
The user is working through "CHROME" webbrowser. When a song is selected from the web to play, a message appears to install Viewer 2.51 (although 2.75 is properly installed.
Using a locally downloaded song works fine with the new viewer.

What is there in "Chrome" that keeps looking for the older version of the viewer?
Do we need an "add-on"  or "plug-in"?  or is there some setting that needs changing in "Chrome"
I myself  use firefox which asks what you want to use as a program for playback and works fine.

Any help appreciated thanks Ton.

Re: NWC2Viewer V2.75 problems using Chrome
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We discontinued the browser based NWC Viewer plugin with the release of version 2.75. Chrome also dropped support for the browser plugin.

Can you give more details on the error message?