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Making Measures Non-Printable

Is there a way to designate certain measures as non-printing (as opposed to the whole staff)? For example, I have score where I want to NOT print the first seven measures of one staff (because the have only rests) but print the rest of the measures in the staff. I can keep the rests from printing, but apparently not the measures themselves. Is there a way to do this? The printout looks really ugly the way it is.  I searched the help file, but didn't find a solution.

Re: Making Measures Non-Printable

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That question has been asked before... the answer is "no."

What you can do, if your measures occupy a full system (margin to margin): Save individual pages as metafiles (from print preview). Paste the metafile into a word processing document, then crop what you don't need. If what you don't need isn't at top or bottom of the page, then you can construct what you need by cropping away the middle from two separate metafiles on the same page. But there is an issue: If the omitted section is attached to others, at the left-hand side, then you may have dangling lines. These can be "whited out" by overlaying a solid white area in the word processor.


Re: Making Measures Non-Printable

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But wouldn't it be great if NWC could do this natively?