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Some notes don't play.

Sometimes when I'm playing back a song (This seems to happen mostly with songs that have a larger number of staffs, and also seems to happen mostly with cymbals) the notes don't play, or cut out quickly. It is annoying as it interrupts the flow of the song significantly. Any ideas of how to stop it?

Re: Some notes don't play.

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G'day Josh,
this sounds very similar to a problem I was having some time back.  It turned out to be the drivers for my Creative sound card.

I fixed it by updating to the latest drivers from the Creative website - Assuming you have a Creative card; is the Australian support site for Creative...

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Re: Some notes don't play.

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The number of simultaneous notes/voices that can be played is dependent on the MIDI synthesizer that you use.

One thing that can contribute to this problem is stuck notes. The Edit, Find Command might help with this situation, but there is always going to be some maximum number of notes that a synthesizer can support.