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Another set of soundfonts
Hallo All,

In the past I had a "Creative" soundcard with software that made it possible to activate other soundfonts.
In NWC I could than choose another tree.
Nowadays I have a pc with "Soundmax".
I want to insert another set of soundfonts, but I do not know how to realize it.
With "change list" only lists with extension "nwcitree" are possible.
Formerly, however, I remember it was no problem.
Who helps me?


Re: Another set of soundfonts
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I currently have a Creative sound card, the Audigy 2 ZS. I use the kX Drivers. Currently they support SoundFont loading except for in 64-bit Windows, which is what I have.
The advantages of the kX Drivers were far worth losing SF2 support, but I eventually discovered VirtualMIDISynth. It's a software MIDI device that allows SoundFont loading and unloading. You can download it for free by Google searching "virtualmidisynth", it's from the Altervista website.

VMS has the disadvantage over Creative's SoundFont Bank Manager in that you can't load a SoundFont into a specific bank, so for example you can't use the same instrument from more than one SF2 file at once. I work around this by editing the banks of certain patches with SynthFont Viena, which isn't too hard (I can explain if you'd like)

But simply, open the configurator for VMS and load the SF2 file(s) you want and restart or open NWC. Select it as the default output device under Tools-->Options-->MIDI tab and you're good to go.

Re: Another set of soundfonts
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Hey Mazzltov,
Checkout the Scripto for some clues on using VST and ASIO:

The document I wrote was built around 32bit Vista. but the other one by Rich Nagel I believe references 64bit.

This site might also be of some use:
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Re: Another set of soundfonts
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Now I can install a sounfont with different organ stops.
I use Coolsoft VMS.
However, there is a problem.
I could insert an organ soundfont, with extension sf2.
The problem is now, how to get the choise of the different stops.
I can hear, that there are a few organ stops in different channels.
But I remember, that I formerly  got a list with all the stops, comparable with the general midi list of instruments, qua outfit.
With the option for instrument change there was a separate tree for them.
The second problem is, that I am looking in vain, how to return to the default tree for general midi.
What to do now?



Re: Another set of soundfonts
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Hi Mazzltov,
I don't really have a lot of time at the moment, but if you look at the iTrees part of the forum there are quite a few examples of iTrees available - you may find one that suits, or you may need to use the insights you can gain from reading the iTrees (they are simple text files) and creating your own.  If you need to do this please share it.

There is also a well documented default itree supplied with NWC that can help.

Please note you don't need a separate iTree for every synth - there is no reason you can't combine lots of synth definitions within the one iTree simply by creating sections - leading "/" character...
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Re: Another set of soundfonts
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leading "/" character

A little mistyping: leading "\" character.

The only pre-cooked organ iTrees I know are here: